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Studio Policies & Guidelines

Students are to be in proper dress code during all classes and rehearsals. Students not in proper dress and hair will NOT be permitted to take class/rehearse.
Cellphones are to be silenced and put away while in the studio rooms. No phone calls, recording videos, picture taking, or social media during class time or in the dressing room.
Food and drink is prohibited in the studio rooms. No eating or drinking in the studio rooms, bottled water only, no exceptions. Students may eat in the lobby and must clean up after themselves.
Students must clean up after themselves after class; this includes all personal belongings and trash (ie. toe pads, bandages and wrappers, water bottles, paper trash, napkins etc.) Respect the space and all who use it.
Parents are not permitted to enter the studio rooms during class time. If you need to speak with a teacher, please privately BAND message, or leave a note at the desk for the teacher to call or set an appointment to meet.
Students missing 2 or more excused/unexcused classes are at risk for losing their part or placement in a dance piece, performance, or special activity, and may be removed all together. Students are responsible for learning the missed choreography before returning to class.
Parents/Students are responsible for communicating absences and tardiness to the front desk by calling/emailing/BAND messaging the office.
Parents/students should not contact instructors/directors through their personal phone/email/social media, please use the studio phone/email/BAND to contact for any studio needs. (Thank you for your cooperation and understanding on this)
Parents and students are expected to behave in an acceptable, friendly, and professional manner. This is a place for children to learn the art of dance in a warm and positive atmosphere. Any dancers or parents using inappropriate language or speaking negatively will be asked to leave. Again, if you have a concern please see an instructor or the office manager to discuss.
Parents should drop off/pick up students at class time. Please make sure that the student is dropped off no more than 10 mins before class and picked up immediately after class.
Parents and students are responsible for staying up to date and current on all studio correspondence, and includes emails, social media, BAND and paperwork announcements. You may also check the white board and the lobby desk for important updates and information.
Complaining about casting is not tolerated and is completely unacceptable. Students are at risk to be removed from their casting or performance.
Class/Level placements are at the discretion of the Instructors and Directors. Student age, ability, and maturity are all factors involved when deciding class/level placement. Any concerns must be brought to the director’s attention.
If there are social conflicts or disturbances amongst students within a class, parents/students should resolve these first. If the issue cannot be resolved an appointment can be made with the directors/instructors to discuss.