Sleeping Beauty

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Cancelled due to COVID.

Join us as we bring to stage our newest contemporary ballet, “Sleeping Beauty”. This classic tale of love and revenge is the perfect family experience!

Maleficent has a peaceful life reigning and protecting over a magical forest kingdom. However, a terrible betrayal, by whom she thought was her true love King Stefan, hardens her heart and twists her into a creature bent on revenge. No longer believing in true love, Maleficent engages in battle with King Stefan and curses his newborn daughter, Aurora. On her 16th birthday, she pricks her finger on a spindle and falls into an eternal sleep. The only thing that can save her is true loves kiss, which Maleficent knows does not exist. This is the ultimate payback for Stefan’s betrayal.

Fearing for Aurora’s life, the King sends her to live with three guardian fairies and commands her return the day after her 16th birthday. Maleficent watches over Aurora as she grows and develops a fondness for the sweet girl. Unfortunately, the curse was too strong and Aurora falls into a trance returning to the kingdom on her 16th birthday where the curse is fulfilled.

Kiss after kiss fails to awaken Aurora. Maleficent filled with grief visits the sleeping beauty to apologize and attempt to reverse the curse. Can love overcome evil? Does true love exist?

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