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At South Florida Dance Company, we believe that a balance of high quality instruction and a positive atmosphere are key to the success of every dancer! SFDC began in 2008 with a passion driven dream to expose students to a rigorous training program, while nurturing a feeling of support and acceptance for all that come through the doors.
Here, every child has the same opportunity to rise above the norm. We believe every instructor, dancer, and family bring something unique and special to the school. It is this combination of people, training and relationships that makes our studio different in an inspiring way!

We welcome all dancers and their families to try SFDC and see what separates us from the rest! We promise you will not be disappointed!

See you in class!
Bonnie and Brian Spector
Owners of South Florida Dance Company.

Meet Our Instructors

Our goal is to offer all individuals the ability to receive formal "top quality" dance instruction unlike anywhere else on the Treasure Coast. Our staff is a direct reflection of that goal. We take great pride in our instructor team and work hard to provide your student with the best learning environment possible.

Class Placement

Most classes are organized by age/grade level. Using a student's age to place them in a class is only the first step to finding what classes they belong in, we look at skill level, execution of technique, maturity, performance quality and so much more. Every student is at his or her own dance level, we offer free trial classes to new students to help determine the appropriate class. If at any time a parent or a student is concerned about the level that they have been placed in, they are always welcome to speak to the front desk. However, it will always be at the directors & instructors’ discretion to place students in appropriate level classes.
See Our Performances

See Our Performances

Throughout the year SFDC students will have various performing opportunities. Some of these opportunities will be open only to select students. The End of the year performance will be open to all students.
Check Out Our Alumni

Check Out Our Alumni

We are proud of the many accomplishments of our current and past students! Proof that hard work and superior training are the perfect ingredients for success!