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Jennifer started her training in Palm Beach county with Linda White, Charles Russell and Joan Miller studying Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern and Pointe. She went on to study dance at Dreyoos School of the arts in West Palm Beach Florida as a ballet major under the instruction of Jeffrey Satinoff and Garry Lewis and Stacy Porcher. At the age of 16 Jennifer attended Pennsylvania's Ballet Company's 6 week summer intensive program. Upon graduating from Dreyfoos, she taught Ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern through out Palm Beach County as well as U.B. Kinsey/ Palmview Elementary school of the arts. She also was an instructor for ESOL students to help prepare them and choreograph audition pieces for Bach Middle School of the Arts. Jennifer relocated to Port Saint Lucie and has continued to teach her passion through out the treasure coast. She is also a liscened and certified pediatric occupational therapy assistant working with clients who have disabilities such as, Austism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, cerebral Palsy and learning disabilites. At the ooccupational therapy office, she teaches a special needs ballet class as well! She is excited to be teaching Leaps and Turns at SFDC this season!