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Anna has performed throughout the United States and in Europe. Besides having her own Contemporary Dance company, Anna Preston and Dancers (choreographer, artistic director) credits include Florida Atlantic University Dance Theatre (artistic director, performer), Morse Donaldson and Company (performer), Demetrius Klein and Dancers (founding member, rehearsal director, performer), and Walt Disney World, Orlando, (performer, staging specialist). Performance highlights include TV appearances (Morse Donaldson and Dancers), "Florida Dances" in Montpellier, France, shared concert with Mia Michaels dance company, "Ocean Dances 2000", a joint concert with Mikhail Baryshnikov and his White Oak Dance project, (Demetrius Klein and Dancers) and making magic in the parades and shows of Walt Disney World, Orlando.

Most recently Anna collaborated choreographically with Aerial Experience Productions of Los Angeles and Milan for a contemporary/ aerial dance for Soaring and was commissioned for the closing event of ZoraFest. Anna created Jump at de Sun for the event, an hour long dance theatre piece that paired professional dance artists with community youth allowing the teens to work alongside the professionals. Her company also appeared in Modern at the Modern in Ft. Worth TX on a mixed bill that included companies and solo artists from all over the United States. Committed to education, Ms. Preston has given master classes throughout the United States and was previously on staff at Palm Beach Community College, Palm Beach Atlantic University and Klein Dance Inc. Ms Preston is a member of the Florida Dance Association and board member for St Lucie Cultural Affairs.