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Ana has a strong background in ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz & ethnic styles, she strives to condition and strengthen her students through mind, body and spirit. Ana helps students transform their lives into artists and centered wholesome professionals. She believes the arts serve a bigger purpose in an individual’s life that go beyond the stage! A certified Polestar® Pilates CPT & PMA® instructor as well as dance, theatre and PE- K-12 with the FSDOE, AIS-Active Isolated Stretching, Gyrokinesis & the Eric Franklin Method. A graduate of New World School of the Arts and FIU, attended UM School of Communications for continuing education courses and holds an MFA in Choreography Education/Research from JU with a residency at White Oak. Performance experience with: Dance Now Ensemble, Florida Grand Opera, Rosita Segovia Dance Company, Aire Flamenco, Pioneer Collective, Florida Dance Festivals, Marie Whitman’s Co.‘Eat your Poem’ serving outreach programs, survivors of domestic abuse and is a performing artist with ‘Wings to Fly.’

Ana has taken ‘The Bolt Movement’ workshop The Vessels of Grace & The Graces of Aging to Canada and is a freelance writer for Canadian Perifmedia. Honored with two teacher of the year nominations and the Teacher of the Year in 2008 in MB, Fl. Hispanic Artist of the Year for contributions in Arts Education in 2011 by the City of MB & the Visionary Award in 2012 from MiamiArtzine, Track & Field Coach of the Year 2012 & 2013. She has prepared students to attend prestigious schools such as Juilliard in NY, Ailey/Fordham University, NWSA, Miami, Boston Conservatory, FSU, Broadway Theatre Project, MCB & Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.